Mike Stahly for Michigan’s 7th U.S. Congressional District

We need people, not politicians!

Welcome to the webpage of your citizen candidate. Contained within are the common sense solutions for which I will work and lead. Politicians aren’t willing to apply these simple fixes because it holds them accountable to “We the people”.

Washington D.C. needs to be sent a message that the days of the same retreads who vote the way a political party tells them to vote is over! More politicians are not the answer. I am proud to tell you I am NOT a politician. Like you, I’m an ordinary hardworking, decent, neighborly, family oriented American who is fed-up with what’s being pushed upon us by our politicians.

Why do I seek to be your Michigan 7th U.S. Congressional Representative? Simply and plainly stated, as your Representative I will put principle above party by doing the following:

My responsibility and priorities as your Michigan 7th U.S. Congressional Representative will be to all the peoples of our district and not to special interest groups, lobbyists, PAC’s, etc. My door will always be open to you, the constituents.

As your Representative I will immediately lead by proposing and tirelessly working toward the following:



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